Zhang Jia Jie | Day 1

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Salam and Hi!

I am very excited to share my breathtaking experience visiting a very beautiful and fascinating place last week. Have you heard of Zhang Jia Jie? I bet many of you have not heard the word before, let alone visit the wonderful place. I have not heard of it too, of course before I visit it.

Zhang Jia Jia is a city located in the province of Hunan, China. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. So, can you imagine the beauty and culture richness of the place? Also, it is where the movie Avatar was filmed. Hope you watched the movie before. 

You might wonder how I end up travelling to this kind of place. I mean, it is not so popular to most of us and there's not much advertising about this place, neither offline nor online. Actually, I was invited to follow the tour trip of my mum and her friends. So, I joined to accompany my mom there.
We were there for 4 days and it was a very memorable and unique experience. Let the photos speak for the place!

the city view taken from the bus on our way to lunch of food abundance

We had our late lunch in a Halal Muslim restaurant near the city area. The hosts at the restaurant were very friendly and accommodating. We had a very filling lunch as there were more than 10 types of dished served per table. It was a lot, compared to what we usually have in our home country Malaysia. And they were very delicious, Alhamdulillah. After having our lunch, we perform our prayer at the prayer room available at the restaurant. Then we continue our long journey to our accommodation in the country side. 

the view along our way to the country side

After quite a long journey, we reached our accommodation. It is more to guest house than a hotel because it is run by a family, has a small number of rooms and does not have lifts servicing the building of 4 floors. However, the services provided were as good as a hotel plus the beautiful architecture of the whole place and the good location.

view of the center of the guest house from the highest floor

We cleaned ourselves and had a short rest before continuing our activity that evening. Before we realised, it was dinner time. We were brought to another Halal Muslim restaurant nearby our guest house and served with abundance of delicious food again.

very clean and sterile, the utensils were wrapped to maintain cleanliness

Too focused in eating delicious food, hence not so much photos. The others will come in a later post.

After a hearty dinner, we were brought back to the guest house for an early rest or free activity. So, we decided to stroll along the beautiful street just behind the guest house. Good exercise after eating so much. 

After we surveyed the shops and place along the street and bought some souvenirs, we walked back to the guest house to rest. Till next post, thank you!