I took this picture in the early of December 2010 at Pengerang. I think it's somewhere in Kota Tinggi or further to the south. SubhanAllah, the scenery of the sea that morning was beautiful an calm, although the weather is not of much help for a perfect sunrise.

Recently, my friend sent me his three little kittens for two days so that I can look after them. The kitttens are very small, cute and adorable *subhanallah*. Since I love cats, especially cute ones, I accepted the offer to take care of them. The eldest, Almond is brown in colour. The middle one is Fluffy with a mix of brown and black fur, while the last one is Shadow which has very black fur. As soon as I brought them home, I gave them food and bathed them before I put them to sleep in their comfy basket. That's the routine for the kittens for two days. They will have their lunch each four to five hours. I really miss them now. Hope to see them soon.

Palace Garden is located in Johor Bahru. It is an old palace which is not conserved and looks spooky. However, many people used to go there for a jog or photography sessions. Before our final exam, my fellow photographer friends and I went there for a photography outing, where we share knowledge about photography. Here are some of the photos that I snapped.

This will be my final post about my trip to South Korea. On the eight day, we went to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). It is located at the end of South Korea, border between both South Korea and North Korea. That place was guarded and protected tightly by militaries or soldiers. We walk down one of the secret tunnels dug by North Korea to attack South Korea. I heard from Alex, our tour agent that North Korea is not a tourism country like South Korea. It is more to military and industrial country.

After visiting the DMZ, we went to the Namsan Hanok Village in the city of Seoul. It is a traditional village in the middle of modernisation, presenting the culture and lifestyle of the Koreans. The next day, which is day nine, we travelled to the Seoul International Airport and waived goodbye to South Korea. My trip to South Korea is a memorable and amazing trip *alhamdulillah*.

After three days at Pusan, we went back to Seoul and spent remaining two days there. On the seventh day, we travelled from Pusan to Seoul and stopped at Everland theme park on our way. It is one of the several popular theme parks in South Korea. Since it was a holiday, the theme park was flocked and packed with many people, including the locals and tourists. There was a flower festival when we went there as it was spring period.

On the sixth day of our South Korea trip, we visited a construction site at Pusan National University before going to the scenic Yongdusan Park and Tower. After that, we went to Busan Tower and snapped some photos of the Busan Port from the observatory of the tower.

On the fifth day or second day at Pusan, we visited Pusan National University (PNU). From there, we board the PNU bus to the Seismic Stimulation Test Center. The center is the place where students do research and tests on seismic stimulation. Since South Korea is one of the countries that experience seismic effects, the large and special center was built to enable them to study about the subject.

After that, we visited the Busan - Geoje Fixed Link Project. We went to the exhibition center before proceeding to the project site. We boarded a boat to the construction site but was quite dissapointed as we could not go near the bridge being constructed because of the weather and sea condition.

Finished our educational tour for that day, we enjoyed ourselves shopping at Jagachi Fish Market and International Shopping Streets. From my observation, the market there are cleaner and more colourful compared to our markets in Malaysia. Although we did'nt buy anything from the fish market, we did buy some souvenirs from the International Shopping Streets.