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Every woman dreams of having healthy and beautiful hair. However, there are certain factors in our life that can destroy our dream hair. Some of the factors include the weather, hormone changes, styling and coloring, frequent chemical treatments, and also hair care products. 

I have quite a serious hair fall problem and I know most of us have the same problem too. I used to ignore the problem previously till my hair become thinner and looked unhealthy. Hence, I frantically started to search for a hair shampoo which can help solve my hair problem. Since then, I tried many types of shampoos from many different brands, but to no avail.

Early this year, I visited a hair saloon for a quick hair cut. After washing my hair, the hair stylist inspected my scalp and hair which looked dry and frizzy after wash. She told me that I had scalp problem and introduced me a dandruff control shampoo and tonic, which are only available for sale at the saloon and are quite costly. Nevertheless, I bought the products hoping that they can solve my hair and scalp problem. Still, the problem retains.

Recently, I found and read an article about hair care (can't remember which article though). It is stated in the article that chemicals in hair shampoos can damage our hair. I knew about this fact previously but I have no idea where to find hair shampoos with natural ingredients (or shall I say I did not take the fact seriously?). But the article stated some of the natural shampoo brands, and one of the brands that I heard off and easy to find around me is The Body Shop.

The very next day, I visited The Body Shop and bought the Ginger Scalp Care. As the name suggests, this shampoo works from the scalp. It is enriched with refreshing ginger root, moisturizing Community Trade honey, and strengthening panthenol, which help to stop flakes and sooth the scalp. It is very gentle, with very light ginger smell. I love the Ginger Scalp Care very much because it helps me resolve my scalp and hair problems. I just started using it three times, and the result is very satisfying. Less hair fall and my scalp and hair feel very clean and smooth.

I also bought the Rainforest Balance Shampoo to compliment the Ginger Scalp Care since the salesperson told me that I should only use the the Ginger Scalp Care about twice a week because it is quite powerful. So, for the rest of the days I use the Rainforest Balance Shampoo. This shampoo helps to reduce excess oil and keeps my hair clean and healthy all day. There are also other types of Rainforest Shampoo which you can choose based on your hair type (eg. Rainforest Shine, Rainforest Moisture, Rainforest Radiance and Rainforest Volumising). 

Also, it is recommended to use The Body Shop Detangling Comb to reduce hairfall during combing. This is because it has wide teeth which is ideal to comb wet hair without tangling. It is also eco-friendly as it is made of bamboo, which is considered a renewable source of energy to help protect the planet.

Seriously, you should try The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care and I guarantee you will love it! Check out The Body Shop website to find out more about their eco-friendly products. No time for shopping? You can have the option to buy their products online through their website too.

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I have always wondered what is going on inside my body or head whenever I do or feel something. So, I was very excited when I knew the movie Inside Out is coming to our cinemas soon. Thanks to Walt Disney Studio Malaysia and Nuffnang for the exclusive passes to the Premiere Screening of Inside Out and the free merchandise!

This movie is about the five main emotions in an 11-year-old girl's mind. The emotions which are joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger work hard together in the headquarters to navigate Riley's mind to stay happy always. 

However, their true challenge begins when Riley and her parents relocate to a new city which lacks many things. They are all eager to help Riley go through her difficult transition. It their attempt, something goes wrong, leading Joy and Sadness with all the core memories to fall out of the headquarters into the far reaches of Riley's mind. Hence, Fear, Disgust and Anger are left to take charge of Riley's mind.

Many horrible things happen while Joy and Sadness find their way back to the headquarters. One by one, Riley's personality islands (Goofy, Friendship, Honesty and Family) which connects to the core memories break and perish. But being Joy, she is always positive and optimist that they will be able to correct the situation in Riley's mind.

Joy and Sadness meet many characters, including Bing Bong, Riley's childhood imaginary friend who venture with them through many interesting places and situations on their way back to the headquarters, till Joy and Bing Bong fall into a deep dark pit known as the Memory Dump. This is where old, faded and no longer useful memories are being dumped and will eventually dissapear if completely forgotten.

When both of them trapped in the Memory Dump, all hopes seemed lost. Then, Joy started to realize that all the memories created by Sadness not only make Riley cry, but also signal others for help. Realizing the importance of Sadness' role in Riley's life, they work hard to get back to the headquarters and correct the situation in Riley's life.

It is a good, interesting and imaginative movie with lessons to tell. All the emotions play important roles in our daily lives, not only the good emotions. Emotions create a balance and colorful life. However, we need to learn how to control our emotions because uncontrolled emotions may lead to horrible and regretful memories in our lives. Also, we must always be positive and optimist in facing challenges and resolving problems. Sometimes, we need others, especially family and friends to go through a beautiful life.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. It was awesome and the characters are very cute. I could feel all the emotions in myself interact while watching the movie. I don't mind watching it again. Highly recommended! By the way, it will start showing in cinemas on 20 August 2015. Don't miss it! Thanks again to Walt Disney Studio Malaysia and Nuffnang for the movie passes and merchandise =)

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Nowadays, it is quite easy to find halal Chinese cuisine, especially in Kuala Lumpur. However, it is not so easy to find halal dim sum. Since my mum is a fan of dim sum and Chinese cuisine, I treated her and the whole family for a Chinese lunch, on Mother's Day (a good reason to treat mum and get together with the whole family)...Alhamdulillah.

So, we had our lunch at Restoran Siang, located in SOGO Kuala Lumpur. We ordered a set of food for 4 person from the Set Menu and several dim sum dishes. While waiting for our food, we were served Jasmine Chinese Tea and peanuts, as we had ordered.

Steamed Ha Kau

Steamed Shrimp Cheong Fun

Steamed Shiu Mai

Barbecue Chicken Bao

Szechuan Style Dumplings

After we finished our dim sum, we were served our lunch set which consists of steamed rice, and seven other dishes, including soup of the day as starter as well as desserts.

Soup of the Day

Aromatic Prawns with Salted Egg

Braised Bean Curd Skin with Top Shells and Seasonal Vegetables

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillets

Deep-fried Yam Ring with Kung Pao Chicken

Glutinous Rice Ball in Ginger Tea and Chinese Pancake

All the food were satisfactorily delicious and affordable, Alhamdulillah. And I am glad that my mum loves the food there. She even suggested to eat there again some other time. 

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As promised in the previous post  here, I will share with you the photos from my visit to the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden. As I have told you before, orchids are my favourite flower. I will always feel happy and calm whenever I look at orchids. So, enjoy the photos!

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In this post, I'll continue to share my journey in Kuala Lumpur by the KL Hop On Hop Off Bus. Since it was raining heavily the previous day, I continued my journey the next day because the ticket is valid for 24 hours. So, on the second day, I started my journey from my last stop the day before, which was Stop 11 (KL Sentral). I skipped National Museum as I went there before several times. After National Museum, the bus stopped at the National Palace. However, I did not get out of the bus since visitors are not allowed to enter the palace. So, I just took photos from the bus and continue my journey to the next stops.

Parliament Building

aesthetic fly-overs leading to the National Palace

entrance to the National Palace

My next stop was the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden. Inside the garden, you can also find the Hibiscus Garden. Hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia. These garden is located opposite the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. I did not visit the bird park as there was time constraint. Will definitely visit and share with you next time. 

Hibiscus, the National Flower

Actually, I took many photos of the orchids because I love orchids very much. There are many types of orchids in that garden. I will share with you the photos in a separate post.

After visiting the Orchid Garden, I stopped at the National Mosque, which is nearby the Orchid Garden. There were many tourists visiting the mosque at that time. Tourists without proper clothing will be provided with robes and also head scarf for ladies, prior to entering the mosque as an act of respect. 

main prayer hall

stairs leading down to classrooms

My last stop was Dataran Merdeka since it was already 24 hours. So, I could not use the ticket to continue my journey. 

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Potraits of Prime Ministers of Malaysia near Dataran Underground

Overall, my journey by the KL Hop On Hop Off bus was very exciting and informative, although I could not complete my journey to all stops. I will definitely continue next time to complete my journey. Oh! Before I forgot, you can read about my first day journey here.

To all the tourists out there, especially those who come to Kuala Lumpur for the first time, I strongly recommend you to tour Kuala Lumpur by boarding the KL Hop On Hop Off bus. The buses cover a circular route that allows tourists to start and end the tour at the same location. There are approximately 40 attractions, including major hotels where tourists can hop-on or hop-off at any of the 22 designated stops. 

The buses operate from 9.00 am until 8.00 pm daily, seven (7) days a week. The time interval between buses is around 20 to 30 minutes.

For more info, you can click and read further through their website.

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