Hi! This week I went out with my friends. It felt like ages since the last time we went out together...blame it on the piling workload. Anyway, this time we decided to try out a new cafe at KLCC. It was the Charlie Brown Cafe! This cafe is the second Charlie Brown Cafe in Malaysia, after Penang. 

What's so special about this cafe? It's a kind of themed cafe, featuring Charlie, Snoopy and friends. Have you ever watched the cartoon series? I think it was quite popular back then, but I'm not sure about it now. Since it's a themed cafe, the interior and exterior design, including the furnishing of the cafe features Charlie and friends.

Alright, enough with the intro...let's view the photos =)

Interior of the cafe...

Speaking of the menu, we ordered some of the specialities of the cafe...

Woodstock Chicken Chop with Mushroom Gravy

Aglio Olio

Cheese and Chicken Ham Toast

Some of the Charlie and friends merchandise sold at the cafe...

Overall, the dining experience is good...Alhamdulillah. The interior, exterior and furnishings are perfect. However, the food on the menu can be further improved. Anyway, you should try dining at this cafe to experience it yourselves. It is more recommended for families with children and those who opt for casual dining.