Zhang Jia Jie | Day 4

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Salam and Hi!

On our fourth day of holiday trip, we went on an adventurous walking tour through cliffs, waterfalls, river and lots of nature. It was a very beautiful journey though tiring. The sceneries made us think of Allah, through His beautiful creations, Subhanallah. You should definitely go to these places, especially if you love nature. Let the photos tell.

Can you see how steep the cliffs are by looking at the stairs? 

we were provided with the green army-like cloth or pants before sliding down to the bottom of the mountains

the slides

After the adventurous journey, we were brought to the Muslim restaurant for dinner. As usual, there were abundance of delicious food prepared for us, Alhamdulillah.

After dinner, we checked in into another hotel in the city.

The next day was a free and easy shopping day in the city. We spent the whole day shopping for souvenirs before our flight back to Malaysia.

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