Salam and Hi!

On our fourth day of holiday trip, we went on an adventurous walking tour through cliffs, waterfalls, river and lots of nature. It was a very beautiful journey though tiring. The sceneries made us think of Allah, through His beautiful creations, Subhanallah. You should definitely go to these places, especially if you love nature. Let the photos tell.

Can you see how steep the cliffs are by looking at the stairs? 

we were provided with the green army-like cloth or pants before sliding down to the bottom of the mountains

the slides

After the adventurous journey, we were brought to the Muslim restaurant for dinner. As usual, there were abundance of delicious food prepared for us, Alhamdulillah.

After dinner, we checked in into another hotel in the city.

The next day was a free and easy shopping day in the city. We spent the whole day shopping for souvenirs before our flight back to Malaysia.

Click here to read about our earlier days travelling in Zhang Jia Jie. Till next post, thank you.

Salam and Hi!

Is the photo above familiar? That is the location where the movie Avatar was filmed.

For the third day of our holiday trip, we spent the whole day at Zhang Jia Jie National Forest Park. The scenery there is very beautiful and magnificent, Subhanallah.

Turtles at the Long-Life Pool

accessories and jade bangles sold by the locals 

we got down from the mountains by lifts

Stay tuned for my next post, sharing about Day 4 in Zhang Jia Jia. Thank you.

Salam and Hi!

On the second day of our holiday trip, we got ready early as we would like to stroll around the area before continuing with the provided itinerary. We were so impressed with the preserved architecture of the buildings as well as the landscape of the area around our guest house.

When everyone was ready, we were brought to the Muslim restaurant for breakfast + lunch.

After the delicious and filling brunch, we continue our journey to the first scenic place in our itinerary. It is an amazing place full of adventure and nature, Subhanallah

Then, we were brought to another scenic location with a thousand steps.

the traditional costume

adventurous road trip through the mountains

That evening, we were entertained with a very beautiful and touching show about the love of a weedman and a fairy fox. The locals said that show is based on a true story, long time ago.
We were fascinated by the set arrangement and the presentation of the show.

the set of the show, real village at the leg of the mountain (before the show)

the choir/background music team

After the show, we went back to the guest house for a good night rest. It was a tiring day since we walked a lot and we actually walked a lot throughout the whole of that holiday trip, visiting scenic and nature areas. I will share our third day journey in the next post. Thank you.