South Korea (Seoul) | Day 8

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This will be my final post about my trip to South Korea. On the eight day, we went to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). It is located at the end of South Korea, border between both South Korea and North Korea. That place was guarded and protected tightly by militaries or soldiers. We walk down one of the secret tunnels dug by North Korea to attack South Korea. I heard from Alex, our tour agent that North Korea is not a tourism country like South Korea. It is more to military and industrial country.

After visiting the DMZ, we went to the Namsan Hanok Village in the city of Seoul. It is a traditional village in the middle of modernisation, presenting the culture and lifestyle of the Koreans. The next day, which is day nine, we travelled to the Seoul International Airport and waived goodbye to South Korea. My trip to South Korea is a memorable and amazing trip *alhamdulillah*.