South Korea (Seoul) | Day 2

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At the end of April this year, I joined one of the Global Outreach Program organised by the Faculty of Civil Engineering. There are 28 participants all together, including two lecturers and one Tabung Haji Travels agent. We went to South Korea (Seoul and Pusan) for nine days and eight nights. It was an amazing trip where we learned new things and exposed ourselves to different culture and lifestyle. As usual, I snapped as many photos as I can, particularly those that present the culture and lifestyle of the people in South Korea as well as the architecture and design of the buildings.

Since day 1 was just our trip from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur International Airport and then Seoul International Airport, I decided to start from the second day where we arrive at Seoul. From Seoul International Airport, we boarded a tour bus led by Alex, the Korean tour guide. We pass by the Presidential Blue House and visited several cultural places such as Gyeongbok Palace, National Folk Museum and Itaewon.