Durian Crepe

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Hi! Since it's end of the year now, we should expect the raining season till early of next year. So, my travelling activities slowed down too. But, don't forget...I am still and always a food lover. There's no reason not to find  food in this rainy season.

Alright, durian lovers out there....have you heard of durian crepe? It is very popular nowadays as many people are talking about it. So, as an adventurous food lover, I will not let myself be left behind the rumours. I tried my best to get the crepe to have a taste of it...and guess what? It was delicious! I mean for those who like durian. I am not sure for those who don't like it. But you should always give a try =)

So, here are some photos I snapped of the durian crepe. For your info, the crepe has soft and smooth surface with real durian flesh and fresh cream for the filling. It is best to enjoy it when it's cold.

Oh, before I forget, I bought these from Sumptuous Desserts in Mid Valley Megamall and might buy some more when I go shopping there again next time, InsyaAllah.